The Most Bizarre Foods Of All Time

As we go through our day-to-day lives, eating our sandwiches and salads and other seemingly normal foods, there's a fact that we occasionally forget: as long as something is non-toxic and digestible, it can (and will) be eaten, and some might even consider it to be a delicacy. And there are a lot of really bizarre foods out there.

The Most Bizarre Foods of All Time (Slideshow)

It's endlessly fascinating to discover what other cultures consider to be normal, especially when they're at odds with our own definition of that term. And you're probably familiar with Bizarre Foods, a show dedicated entirely to foods we consider to be a bit strange, both at home and abroad. And while it's true that one culture's bizarre may be another's normal, it's hard to deny that these foods are just a little bit weird.

Different foods come into existence and onto our tables for all sorts of reasons. Some are the product of necessity, making the most out of what's available. Others are the invention of a misguided food company thinking that their new product will appeal to kids when in reality it just leaves everyone scratching their heads. Others, well... some adventurous soul ate it one day, thought it was tasty, and others agreed.

So read on to learn about foods that we consider to be the strangest and most bizarre of all time. Yes, there are some cultures that consider these foods to be entirely normal (although nobody thought purple ketchup was normal), but we can probably agree that they're still pretty darn bizarre. As to whether they actually taste any good? Well, you'll just have to try them for yourself!

Bird's Nest Soup

Bird's nests have been a part of Chinese cooking for more than 400 years, usually in the form of bird's nest soup. Made almost entirely from the saliva of male swiftlets, when simmered in water the nest becomes gelatinous and supposedly pretty tasty. A bowl of the stuff is quite pricey, running anywhere from $30 to $100 in Hong Kong. 


Canned Pork Brains

Meant to be cooked with scrambled eggs, pig brains in milk might be one of the most unappetizing things ever canned, and just one can has 3,500 milligrams of cholesterol to boot. Well, it probably makes for great zombie bait!