M&M’s Releases Sequel to Christmas Ad From 1996

The original holiday commercial ended with a giant cliffhanger

In 1996, M&M’s aired a 15-second holiday commercial featuring the brand’s iconic characters, Red and Yellow. On Christmas Eve, the duo ran into Santa who fainted at the sight of two walking, talking, googly-eyed chocolates. Was Christmas ruined? Did anyone get their presents? Twenty years later, we finally have the answers.  

“Faint 2: A Very Yellow Sequel,” picks up at the original ad’s end with both Santa and Red passed out cold on the hardwood floor. Valiant (yet clumsy) Yellow takes things into his own glove-clad hands to drop gifts by sleigh to every girl and boy on the “good” list. Alas, things go haywire as presents are delivered to the wrong houses. But in the end, Yellow’s catastrophic failure unexpectedly brings neighbors together and Christmas is saved.

“We want to bring everyone together with M&M’S once again this holiday season by highlighting the true meaning of Christmas for a new generation of fans,” Mars vice president of growth acceleration Michael Magee said in a press release.

The new commercial is currently available on Youtube and will debut on television November 29 on NBC during the annual Christmas tree lighting at Rockefeller Center. For more holiday cheer, here are the 10 best small towns for Christmas lights.