Mickey Ice Cream Bars Are Finally Coming to Stores

Celebrate Mickey Mouse’s 90th birthday by eating his head in ice cream form
Mickey Ice Cream Bars
Carolyn Menyes / The Daily Meal

Finally, you can eat this fan-favorite snack at home.

Usually, you have to go to a Disney theme park to indulge in Mickey-shaped snacks. While you can find Mickey-shaped candies and Oreos with the Disney icon’s likeness on them, if you wanted a Mickey-shaped pretzel or a Mickey Premium ice cream bar, you have always had to be in Orlando or Anaheim… until now. If the rumors are to be believed, in February, Nestle will be releasing the iconic Mickey ice cream bars to a freezer aisle near you.

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According to an Instagram post from user @lovethemousetravel, Nestle will be celebrating Mickey Mouse’s 90th birthday with limited-edition Mickey ice cream bars in stores. Before now, this light vanilla ice cream covered in a thin layer of milk chocolate was only available from ice cream carts around Walt Disney World and Disneyland. But now you can eat like you’re in the parks without planning a Disney vacation.

Additional information about this product — including price, availability and confirmation that the ice cream bars are more than just a rumor — has yet to be officially announced. The Daily Meal has reached out to Nestle for further comment.


Until the release of these Mickey Premium bars in stores, you’ll just have to dream about eating them next to Cinderella Castle, along with the rest of Disney’s most iconic theme park snacks.