McDonald's Announces Two New Big Mac Sizes

McDonald’s will soon offer two new sizes, for those who think a Big Mac isn’t enough
Big Macs

The two new sizes are the Mac Jr. and the Grand Mac.

Earlier this year, we found out that select McDonald's locations in the country were testing out different Big Mac sizes for customers to choose from. The iconic fast food burger was available, not only in regular size, but as a mini and a larger version.

McDonald's has now announced that they'll be releasing the new Big Mac options to the entire United States for a limited time starting early next year.

The two new sizes are the Mac Jr. and the Grand Mac. Fans who can't commit to a regular sized Big Mac now have the option of a single patty version of the burger. The Grand Mac, for those who think a Big Mac simply isn't enough, boasts two bigger 100% beef patties weighing 1/3 of a pound and served on two larger sesame buns.

Guess we'll find out if size really matters once McDonald's first quarter sales report comes in.

This article was originally published by Food Beast in November 2016.

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