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McDonald’s Mobile Phone Lockers Encourage Families to Start Talking to Each Other Again

The burger chain is inspiring families to put down their phones to have face-to-face conversations
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Mobile phones have definitely become a necessity for people of all ages. Messaging devices make communicating with others more efficient than ever, but in turn, many people are losing touch with face-to-face social interactions. To get people talking to each other again, McDonald’s has introduced new mobile phone lockers to encourage customers to share a meal with no distractions.

Mashable reports that one family-oriented outlet in Singapore at Marine Cove is inspiring both kids and parents to lock their phones away. The action is part of McDonald’s “Phone Off, Fun On” campaign, and each set of lockers holds 100 phones.

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Another “Phone Off, Fun On” initiative aims to get customers to stack their phones at the corner of the table. According to a survey of 302 adults by McDonald’s Singapore, 72 percent of children and 69 percent of parents use their cellphones during mealtimes.

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