McDonald’s to Launch Cleaner, Simpler Formulation of McNuggets by This Summer

McDonald’s new McNuggets will be made from ingredients that are recognizable to consumers, and will not contain preservatives
McDonald’s to Launch Cleaner, Simpler Formulation of McNuggets by This Summer


The ‘clean-label’ McNuggets will likely be available nationwide in time for the Summer Olympics.

The days of a McDonald’s menu so chemically treated that some items seem immune to the passing of time are numbered — the fast food giant is testing out a new Chicken McNugget formula that eliminates artificial preservatives.

The new formula will also use ingredients that McDonald’s says will be more recognizable to customers, like starch and lemon juice solids, instead of the elaborate 32-ingredient recipe for the existing McNugget.

The move toward a more transparent label for one of the company’s most popular and recognizable menu items makes sense, given the increasingly powerful consumer demand for cleaner ingredients and careful sourcing. Testing for the new McNugget recipe began in March in 140 McDonald’s locations in Portland, Oregon, and Washington, and a nationwide launch aims to coincide with the 2016 Summer Olympics, though McDonald’s has not made any official announcement regarding the launch.

In a statement, a McDonald’s representative told Crain’s Chicago that the new McNuggets “are made with a simpler recipe that parents can feel good about while keeping the same great taste they know and love.” 

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