Marshawn Lynch Dives Into Skittles, Tastes the Rainbow

Seattle’s star running back took a dive into an end zone of Skittles

Skittles are famously one of Marshawn Lynch’s favorite candies. 

Marshawn Lynch’s love for Skittles has been well documented. But on Monday, TBS’s Conan O’Brien helped the Seattle Seahawks’ star running back take his love of Skittles to a new level.

During an interview with Lynch, O’Brien asked if jumping into an “end zone full of Skittles” was a dream of Lynch’s, and Lynch could hardly contain his excitement when O’Brien revealed a giant tub filled with his favorite candy. O’Brien handed off the football to Lynch, claiming the game was on the line, and watched as Lynch flew into the tub.

As Lynch’s popularity has swelled over the past few years, so has the public’s knowledge of his love for Skittles. Lynch has worn cleats with Skittles on them, filmed commercials for the candy, and is often showered with them by Seattle fans after scoring a touchdown. 

When Lynch played youth football, his mother, Delisa Lynch, would give him Skittles, which she called “power pellets.” She told him they would help him run fast and play better. Since then, they’ve followed him through his football career, according to an interview with


Enjoy watching Marshawn Lynch fly into an “end zone” of skittles.