Blue Pasta From Australia Is the Latest Food Trend

A new restaurant in Australia is serving blue tagliatelle

This Australian eatery has a rainbow of pastas on its menu.

See you later sushi burritos, smoothie bowls, and cauliflower steak. There’s a new food trend in town: blue noodles. Mark + Vinny’s Spaghetti + Spritz bar in Sydney, Australia, has created Blue Spirulina Tagliatelle made with turquoise-colored pasta ribbons, blue swimmer crab, bread crumbs, and fish roe. The trendy dish even comes with its own matching spritz.

The pretty pasta was thought up by restaurant proprietors Mark Filippelli and Vince Pizzinga and brought to fruition by head chef Adrian Jankuloski. The noodles get their color from nontoxic algae called spirulina, which is often used as a dietary supplement for humans, farmed sea creatures, and poultry. Filippelli has used the ingredient before in a blue algae latte at the Instagram-famous plant-based café Matcha Mylkbar.

blue pasta

Courtesy of Mark + Vinny's

blue spritz

Courtesy of Mark + Vinny's

Blue Spirulina Tagliatelle certainly looks fantastic, and apparently it tastes great, too.

“Not only the prettiest pasta dish I’ve ever had, but definitely up there as one of the best,” @tcs_world wrote on Instagram.

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“Gorgeous looking and super tasty,” @jessmarto opined.

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“I loved the balance of flavor and saltiness through the pasta with its crab meat dressing,” @issac_eatsalot wrote.

If blue noodles aren’t enough to tickle your Italian fancy, the Surry Hills eatery also has bright-red and strikingly gray dishes. The Beetroot Spaghettini is vibrantly colored with beets, but also features autumn mushroom, truffle, and cashew crème fraîche. On the opposite end of the spectrum, Charcoal Bucatini — colored with charcoal — incorporates smoked mushroom pancetta, vegan egg yolk, and plant-based parmesan.

beet spaghetti

Courtesy of Mark + Vinny's

gray pasta

Courtesy of Mark + Vinny's

Most of the menu is vegan, but there are a few options for carnivores to enjoy such as meatballs, the blue swimmer crab in the tagliatelle, pancetta, and beef rib ragù. But if you’re not in the Land Down Under and you want to enjoy top-notch meatless meals, here are the star contenders for America’s very best vegan restaurants.

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