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Little Caesars Is Testing a Pizza With 4 Different Crust Flavors

Can’t decide, won’t decide, don’t have to decide
Little Caesars

Here’s a dream pizza for crust lovers and indecisive eaters: Little Caesars is testing a Quattro Crust pizza, a large round pepperoni pizza with four different flavors of crust. But you can only try it in two locations, so here’s hoping you’re lucky enough to be near one of them.

The Best Pizza in Every State

The new pizza is only available at select Little Caesars locations in Kentucky and Virginia, according to Brand Eating. If you live in the right location, it’ll pop up for you on the Little Caesars website as an ordering option.

What are the four crust varieties? Cheddar and jalapeño, cheddar and bacon, Asiago and Parmesan, and Asiago with Parmesan bread crumbs. The cheddar and jalapeño section looks especially distinctive, with large slices of the spicy peppers placed on the cheesy crust.

Quattro Crust

Little Caesars

It’s up to you, of course, how you actually eat this too-many-options meal. Try some from each quadrant to be a completist? Pick your favorite and refuse to share? Find three friends with varied tastes so everyone can choose a section? Your call. The pizza also comes with two cups of the Caesar Dips of your choice, such as buttery garlic or ranch, for even more combination possibilities.

Little Caesars was pretty careful not to share too much information about the Quattro Crust pizza, making it clear that right now this item is only being tested and may never go national.

“Little Caesars has a long history of innovation and continually tests products to consider for our menu, including this one,” a representative told The Daily Meal in an email. “While we test many, only a select few make the cut.”


The chain is known for its creative choices. Recently, we’ve reported that Little Caesars has tried out a Fritos pizza in Tennessee and a lasagna pizza in three other states. But only time will tell if the four-crust pizza deserves a spot on the list of the 20 most over-the-top fast food menu items of all time.