Latest E. Coli Culprit: Alfalfa Sprouts

Outbreak in Michigan, Wisconsin has sickened 9 people

Alfalfa sprouts are behind the latest E. coli outbreak, making nine people ill in Michigan and Wisconsin, CNN reports. Per a CDC announcement issued Thursday, the affected sprouts originated from Jack & the Green Sprouts in River Falls, Wis., and caused two of the sickened individuals to be hospitalized. Symptoms for the reported illnesses began on Jan. 17, with the most recent starting Feb. 8; those affected are between the ages of 17 and 84 and are mostly women. The CDC report notes this outbreak doesn't appear to be tied to a salmonella outbreak traced earlier this week to alfalfa sprouts from Sweetwater Farms in Kansas. Both outbreaks have led NPR to ask about this much-touted health food: "Should sprouts come with a warning label?"

This article was originally published by Jenn Gidman,on February 26, 2016

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