Want High-Quality Grub Late at Night? NYC’s Coppelia Is the Answer

Substitute greasy diner food with this 24-hour Latin cuisine

NYC’s Coppelia for 24-hour quality dining

In the heart of Havana is the ice cream parlor Coppelia, an iconic gathering spot for locals and tourists open since 1966. Inspired by its magnetic appeal, Cuban-born partner Beatriz de Armas, who cherished her childhood memories of many family visits to the popular destination, set out to capture the same spirit, to share it with New Yorkers and provide a cozy, all-day-and-night gathering place for family and friends.

The restaurant of the same name, located on 14th Street off of 7th Avenue, is open 24 hours a day, which means that after you’re done dancing in the Meatpacking District, rooftop-lounge partying in Chelsea, or checking out an exhibit at the Rubin Museum on one of the late nights, you can head on over to the restaurant for something way better than your standard open-late fare of French fries or a waffle (though we do love French fries and waffles).

 Mac and chicharron


Mac and chicharron 

The “Latin diner with a Cuban essence” has a vast menu that does include breakfast all day, but even better than that, executive chef Julian Medina offers what we’ve dubbed the Top 5 late-night meals:

  1. Mac and chicharron (mac & cheese bolstered with pork belly, sambal, and crunchy pork rinds) and the ceviche limeno, with flounder, aji Amarillo, red onion, cilantro, maiz cancha and sweet potato
  2. Pernil, a traditional Puerto Rican preparation of impossibly moist slow-roasted pork with yucca, mojo, and crunchy chicharron.
  3. Ropa Vieja, stewed meat cooked in a rich tomato sauce with beans and served with rice and sweet plantain
  4. Frita Cubana burger, topped with chicharron and roasted pork
  5. Oxtail Empanadas, the dough for which is made out of sweet plantains.

If you still want that breakfast food at 1 a.m., we won’t be mad at ‘cha, just make sure you keep it interesting and order the blue cornmeal pancakes with pico de gallo fruit, agave nectar, and whipped cream. We’ve never opposed breakfast for dinner (or any meal, actually).