KFC’s Newest Chinese Venture Looks Nothing Like You’d Expect

K Pro focuses on healthy foods

It definitely doesn't look like any KFC you've seen.

KFC has decided to dip its toe into the fact-casual pool once again, opening the first location of what it has dubbed “K Pro” in Hangzhou, China, on July 1. If you think it looks anything like any KFC you’ve ever seen, you’re in for a surprise.

There’s no fried chicken on the menu at K Pro, which is exclusively focused on healthy food. The restaurant itself is sleek and slightly industrial-looking, with a relaxed vibe, clean lines, and flowers on the long communal tables. The menu, according to Yicai Global, includes paninis and salads topped with grilled chicken breast, South American white shrimp, smoked salmon, and crayfish (which is very popular in China). Soft serve ice cream and sweet potato fries are also available, and fresh juice and beer are on the drink menu. Employees wear green aprons with the words “Tasty, Fresh, Healthy” on them, and the traditional red and white color scheme is nowhere to be found.


KFC has used China as a testing ground for quite some time now, so no word on whether this will make its way into the U.S. If it does, hopefully it’ll fare better than its last fast-casual attempt, KFC Eleven, which opened in Louisville in 2013 and closed two years later.