just salad unlimited bowl
Courtesy of Just Salad

Take That, Olive Garden! Just Salad Launches $99 Unlimited Bowl

The deal begins May 1

Olive Garden’s Never Ending Pasta Pass is out, and Just Salad’s Unlimited Salad Bowl is in. For $99, leaf-eaters can buy a reusable bowl to order one free salad at the chain each day throughout the month of May. Customers who take advantage of the deal for all 31 days will cut their cost down to $3.19 per salad as opposed to about $10.

Here’s the catch: There are only 100 bowls available to customers in New York City, New Jersey, Philadelphia, and Chicago, and they must be ordered by April 25 to receive it by May 1. The deal is eligible for set menu items and custom-made salads featuring four main toppings and one protein.

“The Unlimited Salad Bowl is about unveiling an exciting promotion created for anyone that wants to eat well, save money and be kinder to the environment,” Just Salad CEO Nick Kenner told The Daily Meal. “We hope our customers will form healthier lunch habits during the month of May and join our ever-growing community of Just Salad superfans!”

just salad unlimited bowl

Courtesy of Just Salad

The green, reusable bowl is part of a larger initiative to eliminate plastic waste.

“As a brand, we have been focused on reducing our plastic consumption since our doors first opened in 2006. We’re always looking for new initiatives that help us be kind to our planet,” Kenner said in a release. “Just Salad saves over 75,000 pounds of plastic from hitting landfills every year, which is a statistic we can all be proud of.”

Other eateries are also making moves to rid plastic and other wasteful packaging from their supply chains. McDonald’s has stopped offering plastic straws in U.K. restaurants and plans to omit plastic and foam cups from all of its restaurants worldwide by 2025. Also across the pond, Starbucks is charging 7 cents per paper cup in some central London stores in hopes of motivating customers to employ reusable mugs instead. All this talk about trying to keep Earth a green, sustainable place puts us in the mood to party, yeah? Here are 20 ways to throw an eco-friendly bash! Let’s rock!

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