This Just Might Be the Best Cereal of All Time

What makes a cereal better than all the rest?


Not many cereals appeal equally to people of all ages. 

What do you think is the best cereal of all time? Is it the sugary classic you grew up eating, leaving behind delicious, sweet milk? Or perhaps the one that you grew into as you got older, a healthy and convenient way to start the day? Well, we have the answer: It’s Cheerios.

Here’s why Cheerios is the best cereal of all time: It’s a perfect food. For one, it’s universally enjoyed by everyone. Babies like it. Kids like it. Adults like it. Plenty of kids don’t like “adult” cereals like Wheaties, and plenty of adults grow out of kid-focused cereals like Trix, but nobody grows into or out of Cheerios.

Cheerios are also equally delicious with or without milk, and they don’t get soggy nearly as quickly as flaked, puffed, or extruded cereals do. Their crunchy texture and slightly nutty flavor is universally appealing, and its toroidal shape is the perfect for a food: just look at bagels and doughnuts.

Oh, and Honey Nut Cheerios are freakin’ awesome.


If there’s a cereal out there that’s more perfect than Cheerios, let us know in the comments. But we bet you won’t be able to think of one.