If You're Not Mixing Nutella Into Your Coffee, You're Not Really Living

While drinking a cup of coffee in close proximity to a jar of Nutella, we were struck with the idea to combine the two. It was a no-brainer, really. And if you're a fan of either coffee or Nutella, you should be doing the same thing because the end result was awesome.

Make sure that the coffee is piping hot, and scoop up a heaping spoonful of Nutella. Then, stir the Nutella into the coffee until it's completely dissolved, and voila. You might want to add some milk to give it some extra creaminess, but honestly it's great as-is. The Nutella fully incorporates into the coffee, and the hazelnut in the Nutella adds a nutty richness. If you really want to, you can top it with some frothed milk for a Nutella-cino.

The coffee-Nutella flavor combo is an absolute winner in our book, and there are plenty of ways to integrate it into your life. How about a Nutella and coffee milkshake next? Buzzfeed has the recipe here.