French Fries with Mayo


If You Aren’t Dunking Your Fries in Mayo, You Aren't Truly Living

Do as the Europeans do and discover this perfect pairing

If you find yourself in Europe and have a hankering for fries (especially in Belgium, arguably the birthplace of fries), you’ll discover that though ketchup is usually a condiment option, it’s the mayonnaise that’s more popular. We’ll admit that the ketchup you’ll find over there is usually pretty gross (Heinz it ain’t), but the main reason for the fries and mayo pairing is the fact that it’s actually delicious.

When you think about it, it makes a lot of sense to dunk fries into mayo: Fries are crispy and salty, mayo is creamy and tangy. These are flavors and textures that play extremely well together. And, yes, mayo is unhealthier than ketchup, but we’re topping our fries with chili and cheese nearly as often as we’re dunking them into ketchup anyway. And in the grand scheme of things, an extra tablespoon or two of mayo isn’t going to ruin your diet any more than an order of fries will.

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Let your friends give you funny looks when you squirt some mayo onto your next plate of fries; after one taste they’ll be hooked, too. We’re not saying you give up ketchup entirely (ketchup and fries is clearly a match made in heaven as well), but if you expand your condiment horizons and give mayo a chance, we promise that you’ll be rewarded.