If Seeing Someone Eat Yogurt Makes You Uncomfortable, You’re Not Alone

The same goes for soup

Yogurt is an awkward food to sit somewhere eating. It’s in the little single-serve cup that you sort of have to scrape to get to the bottom of, and it’s the half-solid, half-liquid texture that you don’t exactly have to chew but still feel compelled to because you’re eating something, resulting in the half-chew.

As awkward as it is to eat a cup of yogurt, just sitting there by yourself doing nothing but staring into it, it’s even more awkward to see someone eating a cup of yogurt. Soup falls into the same camp, especially non-chunky ones like split pea: You can’t just drink it like a liquid; you’ve gotta do the half-chew.

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At this point, odds are you’re either nodding in agreement or seriously confused. For those of you who have no idea what I’m talking about, you can stop reading. But for those who also find the act of just sitting there and eating a cup of yogurt by yourself (or watching someone just sitting there eating a cup of yogurt by themselves) really sad and awkward, just know that you’re not alone. If you’d rather cook with yogurt instead, you can find 11 great recipes here.