Ice Cream in a NYC Winter? When It's This Adorable, Yeah!

Shaved Cream is the new hot treat

Yeti Tracks (Snowdays’ most popular flavor) with pocky sticks, fruity pebbles, blueberries, and finished with a unicorn macaroon.

An evolution of the Taiwanese and Korean desserts made from shaved ice, Snowdays has taken over the West Coast and is now moving quickly across the nation. Most recently, it has set up shop in the East and West Villages, with other outposts popping up in Queens’ Forest Hills and Flushing.

Shaved cream pairs the fluffy texture of snow with the taste and creaminess of ice cream with crazy-delicious toppings like matcha brownies, Pocky Sticks, unicorn macaroons, coffee pour-overs, and more. Check out the most adorable creations it has to offer (but plan to dine-in, where it's heated).

vegan strawberry


Vegan strawberry

Vegan strawberry shaved cream -- with Pocky Sticks, strawberries, chocolate chips, drizzled with chocolate sauce -- so everyone can enjoy a treat.

Yeti Tracks


Yeti Tracks

Yeti Tracks with Fruity Pebbles, waffle cone pieces, a drizzle cone (yes, that's a cone to top your bowl of ice cream, and no, it's not too much), all topped with condensed milk.


Double trouble

Vegan Strawberry shaved cream, right, strawberries, Lucky Charms, strawberry puree and an Oreo drizzle cone. Chocolate shaved cream, right, with matcha brownies, Fruity Pebbles, waffle cone pieces, and another Oreo drizzle cone! Because cereal is perfect for every meal.

These delightful treats are the perfect peek into summer during the long, dark winter months. For more frozen inspiration, we've rounded up the world's best ice cream parlors.

Ten quick ice cream facts: