How Often do Fast-Food CEOs Eat at Their Own Restaurants?

That really depends on the CEO, but most likely pretty often!
double whopper

Burger King

Former Burger King CEO Greg Brenneman admitted to being a “Double Whopper fanatic.”

The highest-ranking members of any company tend to make a whole lot of money, and people who tend to make a whole lot of money usually don’t eat much fast food. But what about the CEOs of the fast food companies themselves?

In reality, it depends on the CEO. When chains are getting ready to introduce a new product, the entire C-level tends to sample it at headquarters. This obviously doesn’t count as visiting one of the restaurants, but according to Quora plenty of fast food CEOs eat at their restaurants all the time. You can’t sell what you don’t know, as the saying goes, so good executives know that they need to have the same experience that customers do.

The Hardee’s/ Carl’s Jr. headquarters is located just a couple blocks from a location, so all employees — from the CEO on down — visit regularly. Don Thompson, the McDonald’s CEO, eats at McDonald’s regularly, and will also send someone from his team out to get him McDonald’s coffee instead of drinking what’s available at the office. And former Burger King CEO Greg Brenneman admitted to being a “Double Whopper fanatic.”

So the answer? If it’s a good CEO, they probably eat at their own restaurants often enough to be fully versed in the customer experience. 

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