Healthy Candy: Does it Exist?

Healthy candy? It depends on what your definition of ‘healthy’ is

Unreal refers to its product as "candy unjunked."

The term “healthy candy” may be oxymoronic: Candy, by definition, is full of sugar, and calories, and usually a hefty dose of fat as well. But do any healthy candies actually exist? Well, it depends on what your definition of “healthy” is.

Sugar-free candies have been around for decades; there are dozens of varieties around, ranging from simple hard candies to sugar-free mini Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. But just because something doesn’t have sugar in it doesn’t automatically make it healthier; Brach’s, for example, uses Splenda, which has a mild laxative effect, and tests have shown that artificial sweeteners aren’t always better for you than sugar.

If you’re looking for candy that’s healthier, however — as in healthier than, say, a Snickers bar — then you’re in luck. Dark chocolate has less sugar and more antioxidants than milk chocolate, Raisinets contain more antioxidants and fiber than chocolate alone, and fun size candies, especially Three Musketeers, are much better for you than their full-size counterparts.


There are also some candies on the market that are 100 percent “real”: that is, made with natural cane sugar, fair-trade chocolate, organic dairy, and colorings derived from fruit juices. If you’re in the market, we suggest you check out Unreal