Hamburger-Cooking Robot Gets First Burger-Flipping Job

The fry cook of the future

A burger chain is employing a robotic arm to flip patties for customers world-wide, starting with California.

“Flippy,” a robotic kitchen assistant from Miso Robotics, has been put to work in an actual restaurant flipping patties.

Caliburger, an American restaurant chain with locations worldwide, has employed the robotic arm to cook for its customers by grilling and turning and the burger meat at its Pasadena, California, location.

The decision is not too far-fetched, as Miso Robotics was actually an early investor in Caliburger. According to reporting by Tech Crunch, the CEO and co-founder of Miso Robotics, David Zito, said Flippy’s functionality was specially designed with the burger chain in mind.

The restaurant has plans to put “Flippy” in 50 of their restaurants worldwide. Miso Robotics is still making improvements on the machine, such as advanced computer imaging and AI to make the robot more adaptable to seasonal menus.

Miso Robotics

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