Funniest Food Proposals Gone Wrong

These proposals didn’t go exactly as planned

Don't propose at a sporting event. 

Proposing marriage is always a tricky prospect. In the best-case scenario, the proposer gets down on one knee in a perfectly romantic spot and pops the question while opening a ring box, and the proposee says “yes” in stunned amazement. Then they share an embrace, and proudly update their Facebook status. In the worst-case scenario, those good intentions go horribly wrong. Sometimes people try to get creative in their choice of location or proposal method, or she says no in a very public spot, and there are few things more cringe-worthy. Here are five proposals gone wrong when there was food involved. 

In the Food Court

While taking a romantic stroll with his girlfriend through the food court at Los Angeles’ Sherman Oaks Galleria in 2011, one guy decided to get down on one knee right then and there, and he even brought his buddy along to play “Sweet Caroline” on the guitar. His girlfriend repeated “Oh my God, what are you doing?” with her hands clamped to her mouth before running away, while bystanders attempted to console the forlorn gentleman. You can watch the whole painful video here.

“Hot Dogs!

Live on the Jumbotron at a sporting event is one of the worst ways to propose (Even if she says yes, it’s still tacky), and when this guy proposed to his girlfriend at what appears to be a Minnesota Twins game, she ran off and left him to wonder what went wrong. To add insult to injury, the first sound the guy heard after the commotion died down was a vendor shouting “Hot dogs! Hot dogs!” Here’s the video.

White Castle?!

It’s “totally silly” to go to White Castle for Valentine’s Day, according to this guy, but he goes there with the goal of proposing anyway, and brought his friends along to record it all for posterity. He’s seconds away from proposing, when suddenly another guy sitting right next to them proposes first. Talk about stealing his thunder! With nearly eight minutes of buildup, this is a twist ending for the ages. Watch it here

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