Fresh on the Scene: Atlanta’s Poke Spots

The food trend sweeping the nation lands in the ATL

Sushi-burritos are a perfect summer food.

Poke has recently spread throughout the Atlanta food scene with remarkable speed. New poke places have opened up all over the city, each offering a delicious twist on the national craze.


BoruBoru Sushi, Emory Village

This fast-casual new addition to the Emory Village collection features a selection of poke bowls as well as other delicious, picture-worthy creations like sushi burritos and sushi bowls. Create a custom poke bowl, sushi burrito, or even a salad bowl with a fresh selection of fish (or chicken, steak, or tofu — they have options for all dietary practices) and a plethora of vegetable toppings. Toss in some other additions like roe, Gorgonzola or cream cheese, mango, or even macadamia nuts. Then select a sauce — perhaps the traditional poke dressing, jalapeño dressing, or spicy miso. Sprinkle some spices and enjoy!

Olivia Arnold

Poke Bar, Sandy Springs

This new Sandy Springs extension of the popular, largely-California-based chain offers sizeable servings of healthy fresh seafood with ample scoops of toppings to create the essential poke feast. Located in an unassuming shopping center, this bright, bustling spot is a staple lunch go-to for employees of numerous companies located in the area. If you are indecisive like I am about which seafood to choose for your bowl, get multiple! Go Poke! (That’s their slogan.)

Olivia Arnold

Poke Burri, East Atlanta Village

This gem is nestled inside of We Suki Suki in the main stretch of East Atlanta Village. Though poke bowls from Poke Burri are sensational in their own right, this booth has a variety of sushi burritos and, most importantly, sushi doughnuts (the newest national food trend). The sushi doughnut is essentially exactly like its name — sushi in the shape of a donut. And it is extremely fun to eat either with chopsticks or your fingers. I ordered both the spicy tuna and the crab sushi donuts as well as the spicy tuna nachos, all of which were fresh and drizzled with a savory sauce.


Fish Bowl Poke, Downtown


Fast-casual choices can be limited in the heart of Downtown Atlanta, so this new poke restaurant located in close proximity to Georgia State University provides a healthy option for students and people who work downtown. Created by the founders of Atlanta's popular Dua Vietnamese Noodle Soup restaurant, this spot offers customizable bowls with extremely fresh fish.