Forrest Gump’s Lieutenant Dan has Hijacked Ben & Jerry’s Wikipedia Page

The official page is (falsely) claiming that the company has released a flavor called ‘Ice Cream, Lieutenant Dan!’

The entry claims that Sinise met Ben and Jerry at a Cleveland Phish concert. 

Do us a favor and head on over to the Wikipedia page for ice cream company Ben & Jerry’s. Scroll down, and if it hasn’t already been taken down, you’ll come across a section added on February 10 called “Gary Sinise as Lieutenant Dan Taylor.” What exactly does one of Forrest Gump’s primary supporting players have to do with one of America’s most popular ice cream companies? Let’s read on and find out:


“In 1986 when Cohen and Greenfield were touring America in their "Cowmobile", they met actor Gary Sinise at a Phish concert in Cleveland. Sinise, who would not yet reach fame until his starring role as George Milton in the film adaptation of Of Mice and Men (1992 film) some years later, made a promise to Cohen and Greenfield that if he ever saw their ice cream in a grocery store freezer, he would quit acting to become their first mate in business. Unfortunately for Cohen and Greenfield, Sinise's career skyrocketed as he soon became an Academy Award nominated actor. The promise was forgotten, but decades later in 2016, while reflecting on the good times passed, Cohen and Greenfield decided to honor the many achievements of their old friend. Thus was born "Ice Cream, Lieutenant Dan!" - buttery shrimp ice cream with cigarette swirl, tender thigh meat and smokey shrapnel bites - a distinctively unique flavor inspired by the character Lt. Dan Taylor (played by Sinise) in the Academy Award winning film Forrest Gump. Sinise has yet to make public acknowledgement or comment on the product.”

So, um, that’s that. Lieutenant Dan has also been added to the page as one of the company’s founders (official title: First Mate) alongside Ben and Jerry. Ben & Jerry’s hasn’t responded to a request for comment, the page is still up as of press time, and everything you read on Wikipedia is true, so I guess be on the lookout for a shrimp-flavored ice cream! 


UPDATE: The (obviously fictional) section has been removed from the Wikipedia page.