Feast Your Eyes on Guy Fieri with “Normal” Hair

You’ve never seen anything like it, we promise

Nothing was the same. 

Imagine our shock when, during a cursory and absentminded perusal of Twitter this morning, we stumbled upon the most confusing photo of Food Network star Guy Fieri (born Guy Ferry, if you didn’t know) that we have ever seen.

Behold, Guy Fieri with a normal head of hair:

No, it’s not real, but it definitely tells us a lot about what we’ve come to expect from the Flavortown founder, which is Mark McGrath-style bleached tips forever. Sleuthing reveals that this image was made by Twitter user @gewqk, otherwise known as Wrong Opinion Guy.

By the looks of things, @gewqk might have used a photo of Robin Thicke for Fieri’s new ‘do, although it could also be the coif of country music star Blake Shelton, or even fellow Food Network star Tyler Florence. In any case, it’s pretty unsettling, and though it surprises us to feel this way, we’d rather stick with our classic “bar-que shark” version of Fieri (he pronounces it “bark”).

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Karen Lo is an associate editor at The Daily Meal. Follow her on Twitter @appleplexy.