Is This the Fanciest McDonald’s in the World?

After complaints, McDonald’s has given a serious facelift to a location in the Netherlands
Twitter/ @Scott Kerr

Voted “the ugliest building in Rotterdam,” this newly renovated McDonald’s looks more like an Apple Store than a fast food restaurant. 

Renovations to a McDonald’s in the Netherlands might just make it the fanciest McDonald’s on earth.

A McDonald’s in Rotterdam received so many complaints about its lack of aesthetic appeal that it was named the ugliest building in Rotterdam by residents. The city council even debated tearing down the building.

McDonald’s still had a 40-year lease on the building, however, so they opted to give it an extreme facelift with the help of Dutch firm Mei Architects.

The new building has “a perforated golden facade and a grand spiral staircase," Dezeen Magazine reports.

The revitalized restaurant also features leather couches, plenty of lounging space, and an updated pavilion.

“Our task was to redesign the McDonald's and make it blend into its surroundings," architect Robert Winkel told Dezeen. 

The building was originally constructed to be a cigar shop in the 1960s, and stuck out on Coolsingel, one of the city’s most well-known and popular shopping streets.

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The new building, with its gold and glass walls, has had some actually comparing it to an Apple store!