Enjoy a Meal in an Enchanting Winter Village in Manhattan’s Bryant Park

Find American and international foods while holiday shopping at the winter village in Bryant Park

John Friia

Celsius is nestled near the Christmas tree, overlooking the ice skating rink.

Every year, Manhattan’s Bryant Park is transformed into a winter oasis filled with boutiques, food stands, an ice skating rink, and a Christmas tree, which both tourists and native New Yorkers anxiously anticipate. While many people visit the shops, the food offerings have become something that should not be overlooked. 


Celsius, nestled near the Christmas tree and overlooking the rink, serves contemporary American cuisine in an atmosphere that showcases a quintessential New York City Christmas. Boasting floor-to-ceiling windows, Celsius offers patrons the chance to gaze over the Winter Village, watching people attempt to ice skate and being eye level with one of the city’s beloved Christmas trees.

Crafting a menu that is filled with dishes that will warm anyone up on a cold day, executive chef Ian Friedman adds a twist to classic American comfort dishes. The old fashioned meatloaf is served with mashed potatoes, zucchini-corn hash, and rosemary with onion gravy. With one bite the flavorful meatloaf will entice the taste buds, and make people feel they are eating at a family’s house instead of seating in the heart of Bryant Park. The cauliflower mac n’ cheese is another dish that needs to be tasted. Mixed with creamed cauliflower and a blend of Cheddar, Jack, and Gruyere cheeses, the hefty serving will make any cheese lover feel like they are in heaven.

Chef Friedman brings his creativity to the forefront with his signature dishes, including the stuffed avocado. An ideal appetizer to share as well as a health conscience dish, the avocado is filled with corn and quinoa salad covered in lemon truffle vinaigrette.

No meal is complete without cocktails and dessert, and Celsius’ wide selection of both will put people into a winter wonderland of spirits and sweets. Open a surprise with the S’mores Toy Box, which is a chocolate graham cracker bowl filled with melted chocolate and topped with toasted marshmallows and drizzled caramel. The delectable treat is sure to stratify anyone’s sweet tooth. To wash down all of the delicious dishes, people can indulge in the Winter Berry Moscow Mule or the Polar Bear Cosmo, which are a winter twist to the traditional drinks. 

Celsius is not the only eatery that is part of the Winter Village, there are over 25 food stands that are a part of this year’s festivities. As people walk through the shops they will come across the New York food staples, including Woops! Macarons & Cookies and Wafels & Dinges, but will also have the chance to expand their culinary palate with international cuisines. 

One sweet food that is a must-try are Chimney Cakes, which are authentic Hungarian sweets that consist of wrapping dough around a stick and baking it rotisserie style with different toppings. All people have to do is unwrap it from the stick and enjoy this international dessert. Looking to try Turkish cuisine, people can head to Enfes Turkish Food, which serves sweet and savory bites. Offering stuffed pastries, including the Turkish classic golzeme and bourek, Enfes fills their savory bites with cheese, meats and sautéed veggies. 

The Winter Village has become an iconic part of spending the holidays in New York. Whether people are heading to skate or just browser through the shops, people should stop and appreciate the different culinary offerings. From Celsius, to Chimney Cakes, to Wafels & Dinges, there is one thing that is guaranteed: people will not leave the Winter Village hungry.