Edible Arrangements Sues Google For $209 Million Over Alleged Trademark Infringement

Edible Arrangements has filed a federal lawsuit against Google alleging that its business has been damaged by competitor ads that appear toward the top of the results page. According to The (Norwalk, Connecticut) Hour, the lawsuit states that Google's placement of ads in top ranking locations throughout search results for "Edible Arrangements" can confuse customers as to which products are actually offered by the brand.

As of February 20, a simple search for the term on Google lists Edible Arrangements alongside Shari's Berries, 1-800-Flowers.com, and other similar brands of fruit bouquets and chocolate covered strawberries.

The Connecticut-based fruit basket company is suing for $209 million in damages — $9 million of which it expects Google earned in ad profits and the remaining $200 million for alleged trademark infringement.

Edible Arrangements is also involved in another federal court case in which it is accusing a Chinese retailer of shipping toxic birthday candles for use in the company's products. The Hour reports that $160,000 was spent on purchasing the candles, but it is not reported how much money was used on testing them or what the company is seeking in damages.

The Daily Meal has reached out to Google and Edible Arrangements for comment.

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