EAT Marketplace Sets the Pace for Farm-to-Table Dining in California’s Temecula Valley

Locally sourced food doesn’t only help the local economy, it creates amazing dishes as well

Light but filling chicken and pasta

Locally sourced food has been gaining attention for quite some time in restaurants, but when locally sourced food is paired with a passionate chef, unique dishes result. While EAT Marketplace in Temecula is in fact a marketplace offering coffees, pastries, and the like, the dishes served make this restaurant stand apart from the crowd.

We started with the roasted Brussels sprouts, and I will be honest, I have never actually enjoyed a Brussels sprout unless it was covered in cheese. Lightly seasoned and grilled, we found these completely delicious. The pasta dish I ordered was like none other with organic chicken, freshly cut pasta, and my favorite — a non-creamy sauce. My husband ordered the organic chicken and again, the dish was incredible. The chicken was robust with flavor, and the quality was so high that the chicken cut like a juicy steak; this dish is easily large enough to share.


Paleo, gluten-free and vegetarian dishes are also available, making EAT a great place to gather with friends and family because everyone will find something to enjoy. Farm-to-table menus take more care and appreciation in all aspects, so it is important to remember that when dining here. The menu is more expensive, but if you go into it knowing the locally sourced approach, the flavor and quality of the dishes will speak for themselves.