Doritos New 'Blaze' Chips Made Us Choke and Cry

No Daily Meal staffers were harmed in the making of this review

Doritos has announced its newest flavor: “Blaze,” which arrives in a Barney-purple bag peppered with thermal handprints and flaming chips. This might go without saying, but the chip is spicy. It may even cross the line into too-hot territory, because by the time Daily Meal staffers swallowed the snack, our mouths were mostly just in pain.

And don’t even think about breathing around the chip. The beloved cheesy dust that helps make regular Doritos so delicious acts as an unintended choking hazard in this chip, apparent with every too-close inhalation of the molten seasoning. Have a tall glass of milk and box of Kleenex on standby.

“At first they're bland and then whoa — as soon as you're done chewing, they're so spicy. But not a tasty spicy, just a painful spicy,” one editor reviewed. “Also, be warned: Do not sniff too close to your nose, unless you enjoy sharp burning sensations in your nostrils.”


Courtesy of Doritos

“I found them unimpressive and lacking in both flavor and spice,” another editor opined. “It feels like their only point is to make your tongue burn… if you have no tolerance for spiciness, that is. Doritos usually has good new flavors, but this one missed the mark.”

In conclusion: We’re going to stick with Nacho Cheese. But just because we didn’t like it doesn’t mean you won’t! Doritos Blaze chips will be available at retailers nationwide on January 4. Three-ounce bags are priced at $1.69 each and 9.75-ounce bags will set you back $4.29 each.

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Taylor Rock is the east coast news editor at The Daily Meal. You can follow her on Twitter @taylorlrock.