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Dog Becomes Internet Hero After Stealing a Snack From the Grill

We don’t deserve dogs
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A video has gone viral on Twitter after a dog was filmed stealing a snack in the middle of a Chilean news program

In the video, reposted on Sept. 11 by Mikel Jollett (frontman of the band Airborne Toxic Event), the dog-napper can be seen sneaking a fast one on three unsuspecting humans, as he quietly latches onto an empanada and slips it off the grill. 

“The dog is the real hero here,” wrote Jollett, whose tweet has been liked over 76,000 times.

It didn’t take long for viewers to get funny — and punny — about the smooth criminal. “Sneaky dog (dog emoji) steals the show,” said @Kween_Leah.

“Right under their noses,” wrote @theudell.

“Some heroes wear collars,” tweeted @Crowesq.

Jollet even weighed in again, saying, “I’m starting to think the dog and the reporter are a team.”


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