Dive Into the Duck Burgers at Aria Hotel in Budapest

It’s burger season!

So head to Budapest, it’s lovely this time of year

It’s burger season; we get it, but not everyone wants to eat beef, and if it’s not made with beef, what do you use? If you aren’t in the mood for fish or chicken but still want something meaty to sink your teeth into, why not try duck? Think of it as “the other red meat.”But what do you call this new burger? A “durger?” We suggest you leave the name alone and instead try the best version of this new burger that’s called the Aria Hotel Duck Burger.  

It’s all the rage this summer in Budapest and you can only get it at the luxurious, music-themed Aria Hotel. We trust the Hungarians’ when it comes to their appreciation of duck because they are true connoisseurs. You see, for centuries, they’ve been raising geese and ducks in the southern reaches of the vast Great Plains and duck from here is considered some of the finest in the world.

So head to Budapest, it’s lovely this time of year, book a room at the Aria Hotel, and then order the Aria Hotel Duck Burger in Stradavari, the hotel’s casual bistro. Once you place your order, Gabor Ferenczs, the hotel’s chef, will fix this now famous duck delicacy.

When it arrives, the duck burger is a juicy patty of ground duck that’s crisp on the outside and tender on the inside, is sandwiched between a pillow soft bun, and is dressed with red cabbage along with lettuce, tomato, lettuce, and cheese. The Aria Hotel Burger is also served with a side of coleslaw, however, since this is Hungary and not New Jersey, you won’t be served French fries. Nope, this quality quacker comes with billowy parsley gnocchi, and if you want a wine pairing suggestion, we recommend you try a lovely Hungarian Pinot Noir from Lake Badascony. As they say in Budapest, “Jo étvágyat!” which in Magyar means Bon Appétit.

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