Woman Claims Dead Lizard Was In Salad Made With Romaine From Shaw's Supermarket

A woman in Kittery, Maine, is claiming she found a dead lizard in a salad she made with romaine lettuce she purchased at a Shaw's supermarket. Michelle Carr posted a photo of the deceased reptile to her personal Facebook page on January 22 to show the internet her surprise discovery.

"And I thought I was putting my fork into a slice of an avocado in my homemade salad this afternoon. #WhereIsItsTail?" she captioned the post.

In the comments beneath the photo, Carr continued by saying she'd allegedly thrown up three times as a result of the incident. She pondered whether or not she accidentally ate the creature's missing tail before spotting the intruder.


"It's a f—— lizard with prehistoric little scales on its body," she continued, seemingly irate. "Never even mind a salamander, a gecko — it's a f—— lizard."

Her father, Terry Carr, offered up comedic relief by commenting: "Pass the salad dressing please?"

According to WCVB News, the prepackaged salad greens were purchased from a Shaw's location in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, but were initially distributed from a lettuce supplier in California.

"Shaw's takes all issues regarding the quality and safety of any product sold in our stores very seriously. We were notified of this matter and immediately informed the supplier," a Shaw's spokesperson told The Daily Meal in an email. "We are working with the supplier to determine the cause and the steps needed to prevent this from reoccurring."

As for the tail-less intruder, Carr's biologist friend identified it as a blue-bellied lizard. She hopes that after people become aware of her story, they'll wash (and inspect) their produce thoroughly to avoid a repeat situation.

Unfortunately, these incidents aren't so isolated after all. Most recently, 60-year-old Pat Bateman allegedly discovered a rat inside a bag of frozen vegetables purchased at Aldi, resulting in the recall of approximately 38,000 units. For more wild, wacky, and downright disgusting discoveries, check out the 15 weirdest things ever found in food.