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If you’re a contributor to The Daily Meal, as recently as a few weeks ago you may have experienced a few technological issues while posting articles, recipes, and reviews to the site. We’d like to take a moment to apologize for any difficulty you may have had, and to let you know that contributor posting is back! We love our contributors, and we’ve been working hard to make sure that the submission process works and is as easy as possible. We value community posts and we are looking forward to your fantastic recipes and interesting articles about all things food and drink!

Just a friendly reminder about how to post: if you’re already a member of the community, all you have to do is click “Review a Restaurant,” “Write an Article,” or “Share a Recipe.”

If you’re new to The Daily Meal community and haven’t posted before, don’t worry! It’s easy. All you have to do is “Sign In” on the upper right hand corner of the homepage and choose “Join” and “Sign Up Using an Email Address.”  Enter your user name, create a password, upload a photo that’s less than 500 by 500 pixels, and fill in the code to be able to “Join The Daily Meal.”  After you’ve pressed the red button, the screen will prompt you to link your social media accounts to the user profile; if you do not want to do this, press “Not Now.”  When your profile loads, choose “About Me” from the menu on the left hand side to fill in a bio.

What can you contribute? Restaurant reviews, bar reviews, personal essays related to food and drink — whether that means through the lens of entertaining, traveling, or making food in your own kitchen!

To submit a restaurant review, click “Review a Restaurant” and search for the restaurant. When your chosen restaurant appears, click “Add a Review or Comment.” Fill out all required fields, noted with a red asterisk. Be sure to include why you went, the chef’s name, and just generally set the scene. Then share the meal. Tell us what you ate, and describe the taste, sounds, and smells. Did you like it? We’re dying to know. Write with personality and color to better acquaint the reader with your experience. Lastly, tell us why it matters! Be sure to sum everything so that the reader can discern whether this restaurant is a hit or miss. Photos are a great way to illustrate the setting and document presentation, so don’t skip adding those as well! Make sure your photos are 670 x 400 pixels and less than 100 MB. An easy (free) site for cropping photos is For more tips on writing restaurant reviews check out this how-to-guide.

Dying to share your go-to cabernet or disappointed in your sommelier’s dinner pairing? We want your input! To review a bottle of wine, click the “Wine” subcategory under the “Drink” tab. Search for the bottle in the “World of Wine” search bar at the top of the page, click your bottle, and choose “Review This Wine.” Be sure to only review wines you’ve tasted.

Want to submit your grandmother’s cake recipe? We can’t wait to check it out! We’re also pining for your favorite spring cocktails, your tried and true juice recipes, and your go-to margarita mix. To submit a recipe, click “Share a Recipe,” and fill out every section, especially the ones denoted with a red asterisk. Check out our recipes section and publish your original or slightly tweaked favorite recipes. Make sure you are thorough and include all ingredients and utensils. Use exact measurements so all of us who aren’t top chefs can recreate your favorite creations. And lastly, make sure to include the directions in the directions sections and the ingredients in the ingredients section. That may seem self-explanatory, but some of us need reminders. For more tips on writing recipes check out this how-to guide.

To add photos to your recipes, email our recipes editor, Milagros Cruz, at so she can grant you permission to upload images (you’ll only need to do this once).

For anything else, just post a community story. From family food traditions to your food tour experience of a foreign country, we want to hear about it.

So welcome back. Start posting. We can’t wait to hear from you.

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