The Daily Dish: September 22, 2015

The Daily Dish 9.22.15

Today on The Daily Dish, we discuss recent Monsanto news, the truth behind cocktails and calories, and a purr-fect new way to enjoy your eggs.

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Monsanto Found Liable for Chemical Poisoning of French Farmer Who Allegedly Suffered Neurological Damage

A French court has upheld a 2012 ruling in which the global agrochemical company Monsanto was found to be liable for the chemical poisoning of a French farmer who allegedly suffered health issues after inhaling Lasso, an herbicide no longer commercially available in the United States. A Monsanto rep told The Daily Meal the company disagrees with the court’s decision and plans to appeal it.

Drink Your Calories: This Is How the Calories in Alcohol Compare to Your Favorite Junk Foods

You may be a great calorie-counter at breakfast or lunch, but how about when you go out on Friday night? Well, a series of infographics shows exactly how many slices of pizza five shots of rum equal (the answer is one and a half) and other junk food to alcohol comparisons. Whether understanding eight cans of Bud Light equals 3 cheeseburgers, and four vodka cranberries equals 18 California rolls is going to be enough to stop you from ordering another drink at the bar is different story, but hey, the more you know, right?

This Cat-Shaped Egg Mold Will Help You Make the Purr-fect Breakfast 

If you love cats and eggs, this ingenious creation may be an eggs-cellent way to demonstrate it. A San Francisco-based website Egg Addiction created a Kickstarter to make cat-shaped egg molds with that will jazz up everyday eggs and make breakfast more enticing to picky eaters. You separate the whites from the yolks and use the latter to make yellow cat eyes. The molds will ship in February and should make the purr-fect gift for all cat lovers. Rawr.


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