The Daily Dish: October 23, 2015

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The Daily Dish 10.23.15

Wolfgang Puck heads to New York City, Domino's has a new fancy car, and a lady is pulled over in Michigan for drinking coffee.

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Wolfgang Puck to Open His First-Ever New York City Restaurant

Wolfgang Puck, the Austrian-born celebrity chef behind dozens of fine dining restaurants, will open his first-ever restaurant in New York City in July, 2016. Puck announced he will bring his steakhouse concept, CUT by Wolfgang Puck, to the Four Seasons Hotel New York Downtown.

Introducing DXP, Domino's Very Own Pizza Delivery Vehicle

Domino’s changed the pizza delivery game by letting customers order by tweeting a pizza emoji. Now, they have created vehicle dedicated to delivering better pizzas. It’s called the DXP, which stands for Delivery ExPert, and it’s a modified Chevy Spark with seating just the driver. It was designed to store 80 pizzas! There’s also a warming oven and a “puddle light” to project the Domino’s logo on the ground. Domino’s will send 100 test vehicles to 25 markets in cities including Boston, Dallas, Detroit, Houston, New Orleans, and Seattle.

Minnesota Woman Gets Pulled Over for Drinking...Coffee

Okay, you’ll never believe this one…While driving on Interstate-94, a Minnesota woman was pulled over — for taking a sip of…COFFEE. Lindsey Krieger, who was on her way to work, said she was “dumbfounded,” and thought the cop was joking, explaining she “didn’t even have enough time to merge up to the right speed limit.” After attempting to get Krieger to admit her wrongdoing, the officer explained, “it’s against the law to drink coffee while you’re driving.” Krieger was given a warning for the coffee, and a ticket for the seatbelt she unclicked when pulled over. It all sounds like one strange brew.


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