The Daily Dish: November 2, 2015

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The Daily Dish 11.2.15

Australian accents are the result of booze, Bourdain says president Trump is the end of restaurants, and Chips Ahoy! launches a new cookie.

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Australian Accent Derives From the Slurring of a Drunk Settler, One Historian Says

English is the world’s third most-spoken language, but did you ever wonder where its many unique accents came from? One Australian scholar has a theory about his country’s accent. According to a professor at Victoria University, the modern Australian accent developed because of settlers’ heavy drinking. “That’s nawt an Aussie accent! That’s just a bunch of guys  who got loaded!” Wait, that might not be an Australian accent either, but you get the idea. The professor thinks the lilted “g’day’s” were derived from years of slurred alcoholism by the nation’s forefathers who regularly drank together. Many socio-linguists disagree, suggesting it developed as accents from the UK and Ireland converged over time.

Anthony Bourdain Says Trump's Presidency Would Mean the End of Every Restaurant in America

Know who you’re voting for already? If you’re a Trump supporter who likes to dine out you might want to hear this. Parts Unknown host Anthony Bourdain says a Trump presidency would mean the end of every restaurant in America. After Trump’s criticism of Mexican immigrants — Bourdain said, If Mr. Trump deports 11 million people, “every restaurant would shut down.”

Dream Come True: Chips Ahoy! Just Released a Fudge—Filled Hot Cocoa—Flavored Cookie

Listen up, chocoholics! Just in time for cold weather, Chips Ahoy! has a new cookie: Hot Cocoa Chips Ahoy! That’s right, Oreo: You’re not the only cookie that can put out wacky flavors. Hot Cocoa Chips Ahoy! are dense, chewy chocolate chip cookies covered with marshmallow and white chocolate chips, and stuffed with creamy fudge filling. Chips Ahoy! recommends microwaving the cookies, and we agree.


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