Scare Trick-or-Treaters With KFC’s $5 Colonel Sanders Halloween Costume Kit

Spend October 31 dressed as the America’s most iconic chicken salesman

It’s almost time for Halloween, and if you haven’t gotten a costume yet — don’t freak out. This year, you don’t have to spend $75 on a sexy Freddy Krueger outfit, and don’t even think about trying to DIY a Khaleesi gown from a picnic tablecloth. Don’t do it! KFC is cooking up an easy, cheap, and super-chilling alternative, and it only costs $5.

With the purchase of KFC’s vintage-inspired Colonel Sanders costume kit, you will receive one super-creepy vacuum-molded plastic mask and a vinyl bib made to look like the Colonel’s trademark suit.

KFC fans can purchase the chicken salesman costume on the chain’s newly launched merchandise shop The last day to order and receive the product on time is October 23. “The costumes mark the beginning of a larger fall/winter product refresh for KFC Limited, which will be unveiled in the coming months,” a company spokesperson said in a press release.


FTP Edelman / KFC

Trick-or-treating fried-chicken buckets will also be available starting October 27 in-store only. The limited-edition buckets come in five different designs featuring Colonel Harland Sanders dressed in various disguises, including: a mummy, astronaut, cat, firefighter, pirate, cowboy, werewolf, robot, and vampire.


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