Costco's Doomsday Food Kit Is Over 6 Feet Tall, Costs $6,000

For doomsday preppers and anyone who wants to grocery shop only one time a year

The 36,000 serving kit can feed a 4-person family for a year.

If you have money to blow and wish to prepare for the apocalypse — or if you just like buying food in super super bulk — Costco has just the thing for you. The superstore is selling an emergency food kit for $6,000 that will feed a family of four for an entire year. The premium purchase contains 36,000 servings of grains, fruits, vegetables, proteins, dairy products, and more.

The 600-can package includes hard white wheat, white rice, elbow pasta, pinto beans, instant milk, dehydrated potatoes, beef, chicken, corn, broccoli, apples, butter powder, sugars, bananas, strawberries, onions, salt, and much more. The kit is designed to provide four people with an average of 2,000 calories per day each, and the shelf life for the various items ranges from three to 30 years.

“This meal kit is delish and nutrish! Perfect for preppers who want to prepare for the apocalypse or lazy guys like me who only want to shop once a year,” RockFootlongHotDog opined on Costco’s website. If this helping is a little much, consumers can also order smaller packages for a lesser price. Everything will be shipped “discreetly” — in two unsuspecting 6-foot-tall stacks of boxes — so that nobody raids your supply (or judges you).

Twitter is getting sassy about the excessive doomsday kit.

“How the f--- is that shipped discretely?” @ChronicBedhead asked.

“In a big crate painted to look like a bush?” @DoolingJohn pondered.

“During the zombie apocalypse, I’m going to Costco. They have thick walls, years worth of food and supplies and the zombies won’t be able to get in without a membership,” @SwedishCanary wrote.

Sure, we live in complex times, but it doesn’t seem like doomsday is upon us just yet. If you’re worried about that sort of thing, though, here are the 17 healthy foods you should really stock up on in case of an emergency.