Consumer Picks: Top 10 casual-dining chains slideshow

Diners rank their neighborhood chain restaurants

Number 10: BJ's Restaurants

Headquarters: Huntington Beach, Calif.
No. of units: 102
Leadership: chairman, president and CEO, Jerry Deitchle
Known for: BJ’s Restaurants offers a wide selection of beers on tap to go with its American, pub-style menu choices.
Survey strengths: Variety of menu options.

Number 9: Romano's Macaroni Grill

Headquarters: Dallas, Texas
No. of units: 222
Leadership: chief executive, Norman Abdallah
Known for: Romano’s Macaroni Grill serves Italian-style menu items in a relaxed, casual atmosphere.
Survey strengths: Performed best when it came to restaurant cleanliness.

Number 8: Red Lobster

Headquarters: Orlando, Fla.
No. of units: 670 in the United States, 28 in Canada
Leadership: Darden chief executive and chairman Clarence Otis Jr.; Red Lobster president David Pickens
Known for: Red Lobster prepares fresh seafood and proprietary sides, such as Cheddar Bay Biscuits.
Survey strengths: Service was a highlight.

Number 7: Outback Steakhouse

Headquarters: Tampa, Fla.
No of units: 778
Leadership: OSI Restarants chief executive Elizabeth (Liz) Smith; chain president Jeff Smith
Known for: Outback serves steaks and steakhouse-style dishes in an Australia-themed setting.
Survey strengths: High marks for its brand reputation and the cleanliness of its units.

Number 6: Olive Garden

Headquarters: Orlando, Fla.
No. of units: 750 in United States; 6 in Canada
Leadership: Darden chief executive and chairman Clarence Otis Jr.; Olive Garden president John Caron
Known for: Olive Garden prepares Italian-inspired meals in a casual atmosphere, with an emphasis on value. Its never-ending pasta bowl special, in which customers choose from several pasta and sauce options, is particularly notable.
Survey strengths: Performed well in food quality.

Number 4: Carrabba’s Italian Grill

Headquarters: Tampa, Fla.
No. of units: 233
Leadership: OSI Restaurant chief executive Elizabeth (Liz) Smith; chain president Steve Shlemon
Known for: Carrabba’s prepares fresh Italian food in a casual setting with an open kitchen.
Survey strengths: High marks for food quality.

Number 3: The Cheesecake Factory

Headquarters: Calabasas Hills, Calif.
No. of units: 149
Leadership: The Cheesecake Factory Inc. chairman and CEO David Overton; chain president Michael E. Jannini
Known for: Offering a large selection of oversized cheesecake desserts, from Godiva chocolate cheesecake to red velvet cheesecake. Its lengthy menu with a wide range of choices also makes it stand out.
Survey strengths: Scored highest in reputation and menu variety.

Number 2: P.F. Chang's

Headquarters: Scottsdale, Ariz.
Leadership: P.F. Chang's China Bistro Inc. co-chief executives Richard Federico and Robert Vivian; chain president Lane Cardwell
Known for: A contemporary spin on Chinese food, from traditional dim sum to Asian-style tacos in a upscale-casual setting.
Survey strengths: Variety of dishes on the menu.

Number 1: Bonefish Grill

Headquarters: Tampa, Fla.
No. of units: 152
Leadership: co-founder Tim Curci; president John Cooper
Known for: Best known for its fresh fish dishes. Customers can also choose from an array of signature cocktails.
Survey strengths: Top-scoring chain among men and Millennials.

Number 5: Cheddar's Casual Café

Headquarters: Irving, Texas
No. of units: More than 70
Leadership: chairman and CEO, Kelly Baltes
Known for: Cheddar’s homemade, from-scratch meals are delivered in a homey, casual setting.
Survey strengths: Performed best in the category's “likely to recommend” attribute.