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Colin Jost Wins the Hearts of Chocolate Chip Cookie Lovers With a Single Post

The ‘SNL’ host just wanted some early-morning cookies
colin jost
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Colin Jost just received some dreadful news from his Postmates delivery guy: “No chocolate chip cookies.”

Jost, who co-anchors Saturday Night Live’s “Weekend Update,” posted a screenshot to Instagram on Sept. 23 showing the heartbreaking exchange. “The text you never want to receive from your Postmates delivery guy at 1:14 a.m.,” he wrote. “Sad! (Fortunately the cookies were merely add-ons to an order of two full pizzas.)”

This is a special kind of suffering most people can empathize with on a deeply personal level. The post, which has been liked nearly 10,000 times, has a comments section filled with condolences and humor. “I’m sorry for your loss (broken heart emoji),” @catherine.m.g. wrote.

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“There is nothing fortunate about this. I would have cried,” @taco.chell said. @i_go_out_walking added, “Unacceptable. There should always be chocolate chip cookies. What IS the world coming to???”

“That’s the way the cookie crumbles… but you don’t have any actual cookies. This is all metaphorical just to be clear,” @erineforst remarked.

“Finally, a celebrity I can relate to,” @ericploeb wrote. And similarly, @islott commented, “Stars — they’re just like us!”

We feel your pain, Colin.


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