chuck e. cheese
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That Chuck E. Cheese Bitcoin Deal Is Fake News

Some on social media fell for the satirical article
chuck e. cheese
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A fake news article circulating via social media claims that a man was arrested after earning $1 million selling Chuck E. Cheese tokens as Bitcoins. According to satirical website, 36-year-old Marlon Jensen scratched the restaurant’s engraved logo off of each coin and simply marked them with a “B” in permanent marker. The punishment for the faux fraud was supposedly a five-year prison sentence.

Even though Bitcoin isn’t a physical form of currency, apparently the story was at least semi-believable. A quick scroll through Twitter shows a plethora of praise directed toward the scam artist, depicted in the article using a stock image.

“If you bought a Chuck-E-Cheese coin and thought it was a Bitcoin, you kinda deserve what you get (laughing emoji),” filmmaker Jason Pollock wrote on Twitter.

“I want to buy this guy a beer,” Charles Sizemore said.

“Free this man right now,” No Jumper podcast tweeted.

Huzlers owner Pablo Reyes told BuzzFeed the post was inspired by Bitcoin’s recent jump in popularity, but it wasn’t meant to be taken seriously. After all, the website’s “About Us” page plainly says its content is “fauxtire and satire,” meaning it’s completely made up.

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