Chocolate ice Cream


Chocolate Ice Cream and 4 Other Foods You Never Thought to Put Hot Sauce On

Have a bottle of hot sauce handy? We bet you aren’t using it enough
Chocolate ice Cream


Chocolate ice cream with hot sauce is a revelation. 

There are plenty of foods that almost seem to beg for a few drops of hot sauce: tacos, pizza, chili, wings, burgers. Heck, some people even carry a bottle with them at all times and add it to just about everything they eat.

They’ve actually got the right idea; if you like it spicy, you should experiment with putting hot sauce on foods you’d never expect it would work with. And don’t be afraid to get creative; different types of hot sauces work better with some foods than others. Here are five foods to start with:

Chocolate Ice Cream
Ever have spicy Mexican-style hot chocolate? A little peppery kick adds an entirely new dimension to chocolate. The same goes for ice cream.

Melt a little butter, stir in some hot sauce, and toss it into your next batch of popcorn; you won’t regret it.

Fruit Salad
Taking another cue from our neighbors to the south, who like to add spice to mangoes, toss a few drops of hot sauce into your next fruit salad. The sweetness of the fruit and the spiciness of the hot sauce will interact in a way that will have you hooked.

Peanut Butter
Spicy peanut sauce is a hallmark of Southeast Asian cuisine, but you don’t see too many people stirring Tabasco into their jar of Jif. And that’s a shame, because it adds a whole new dimension to everything from roasted vegetables to peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.


You might not realize that a lot of popular smoothie components match up perfectly with hot sauce: lime, coconut, peanut butter, mango, greens, etc. Try a couple dashes when you mix up your next batch!