Chipotle’s ‘Cultivating Thought’ Finds a Home at Yale

The chain’s packaging series will be preserved in Yale’s rare book library

The library is committed to preserving the work of great writers across all mediums

If you’ve ever eaten at a Chipotle the past year, you’ve probably seen their bags and cups that are covered with writing. While you may have been more interested in your burrito and soda, a certain library is preserving this text.

Yale’s rare book library was given a complete set of Chipotle’s Cultivating Thought Series as a gift from the fast-casual Mexican food chain.

The Cultivating Thought Series consists of short written works by acclaimed actors, authors, and comedians that appear on Chipotle’s bags and cups.

The series has included work from Aziz Ansari, Malcolm Gladwell, Sarah Silverman, and many others. The goal is to make Chipotle’s bags and cups more than something with “one humble purpose,” according to their website. 

While the idea may seem strange, it’s not anything new for the Yale rare book library. The library already contains “texts by well-known writers printed on bumper stickers, lapel pins, public transportation banners, matchbooks, hand bills, and other non-standard publication formats,” according to their website. 


The library is dedicated to preserving the way great American writers reach their audiences beyond just standard book publishing, so the Chipotle cups and bags should feel right at home.