Catching Up with Clean Foods Chef Andre Sickinger

Andre Sickinger shares his philosophy on food and how to take care of your body with food

Chef Andre Sickinger.

Swatch has long been known for its clever watches, but they don’t just help people to keep the time — they also help athletes made the grade. In fact, Swatch is the title sponsor of the Swatch Women’s Pro surfing competition in Trestles, California, as well as the sole sponsor of the Swatch Proteam, which includes surfers Courtney Conlogue, Coco Ho, and former world champion Sofia Mulanovich. 

Held in September, the Swatch Women’s Pro in Trestles was the seventh stop on the 2015 World Surf League (WSL) Championship Tour and Swatch hosted the Swatch House nearby as a “home base” for the Swatch Proteam and other special guests in order to insure that healthy meals were had by all.

On hand at Swatch House was world-renowned clean foods chef, Andre Sickinger creating fabulous, clean foods for the team and their guests. We caught up with Sickinger to find out more about just what clean eating can mean for all of us.

The Daily Meal: What is your food philosophy?
Chef Andre Sickinger:
Food is medicinal. Stick to the guidelines of fresh local farmed produce without harmful GMOs, chemicals and pesticides, and you’ll find yourself on the right path to wellness. Client depending, I tend to travel extensively, so I take the extra effort to meet and greet farmers and growers to gain better understanding of what is readily available from land and sea. This method generally provides the best nutrients and minerals for our welling, given that we should lean toward eating/digesting a greater percentage of foods grown or raised in the climate we live or roam. Not only does is this offer greater health benefits, the practice of supporting local farmers and growers brings strength to the community, whilst also leaning toward reducing long haul logistics which do not serve the environment at best. 

What do you think the average person can learn from athletes about healthy living?
True dedicated athletes are inspirational. With today’s world so closely connected, and with the vast variety of sports promoted and practiced throughout each season, I believe any everyday person holding a desire to reach greater achievements with personal health and fitness could gain great knowledge from a positive professional athlete. Any successful training regime consists of strict training schedules, a strict diet plan — clearly suited to the individual of course, providing fuel and rejuvenation at the appropriate times. Lets not forget quality of sleep, as rest is essential. By all means, check out top ranking world athletes who opt for clean food diets.  

If someone wanted to make one change today toward getting healthy, what first step would you recommend?
Start by assessing every food and beverage product in the household refrigerator, freezer, and kitchen pantry. I mean really take every product item and read the ingredients on the label. Create a list, writing down every ingredient you have no knowledge about, and research what you, your family and friends are actually eating. I can assure you you’ll be either surprised or shocked. I recently practiced this with a very dear friend of mine whom I hold the utmost respect for, it turned out we replaced approximately 80 percent of her household food with clean organic non-GMO foods, beverages, and earth awareness cleaning products. Ironically, within four to six weeks, the health of her and her children presented a great leap forward with better sustained energy, glowing skin, healthier hair and nails, better sleep patterns and less stress.

In addition to the above, drink alkaline water preferably from glass jars or bottles. Generally speaking the tap water in many towns and cities throughout the world carry high levels of acidity and undesirables which may eventually lean toward aiding ill health. It may be best to research your local city/town water for more accurate information. In addition to the above mentioned, encourage yourself, family and friends to start up a consistent exercise or fitness plan. Your mind body and soul with thank you! 


What are some of your favorite ingredients to work with right now?
We’re heading into fall, generally bringing the cooler weather, so I tend to stick with fresh ingredients as standard practice. I lean toward using fresh garlic, ginger, turmeric, fresh herbs, and etcetera. In the cooler months I tend to slow cook broths and soups with vegetables and quality meats as easy digestives, keeping me hydrated and a balanced movement for my gut flora. I’m a firm believer of supporting sensible sustainably farmed grass fed meets, organic chicken and line caught fish. Fresh is best always. My fruit and vegetables are organic or bio dynamically grown.