Can You Still Buy Pizza Hut Sliders?

Are Pizza Hut’s Big Pizza Sliders still available?

Pizza Hut first started selling their "sliders" after the 2013 Super Bowl.

During the 2013 Super Bowl, Pizza Hut unveiled a new menu item with much fanfare: the Big Pizza Slider. These small pizzas measured about 3.5 inches across, and could be ordered with any of the available Pizza Hut toppings. So are these mini-pizzas still available? And if not, why?

A visit to the Pizza Hut website didn’t turn up any indication of the Sliders, and we called a handful of Pizza Hut locations in the New York area to inquire as to whether they’re available at all, even in an off-menu capacity. None of the locations we called still offer the Slider, and none were able to tell me when they stopped offering it, or why it’s no longer on the menu.


Unfortunately, it seems you can no longer find the Big Pizza Slider at Pizza Hut. While it might be disappointing to loyal fans, you can just make do with an English muffin with sauce and cheese.