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Burrito Delight Allegedly Responsible for Salmonella Outbreak in Colorado

Ten people are confirmed to have the illness so far

Health officials in Weld County have confirmed that 10 people have been infected with Salmonella in connection to a Mexican restaurant in Colorado. Burrito Delight in Fort Lupton and its sister location in Dacono were forced to close after catering two Aims Community College events where several attendees allegedly fell ill. Food Safety News reports that one child was admitted to a local hospital.

Of the 10 confirmed Salmonella cases, five are linked to the college’s events — one on February 9 attended by 70 people and another on February 13 attended by 400 people. Those present at both occurrences were college employees in training, not students, Aims told a local NBC affiliate.

Burrito Delight has accumulated 22 red violations during its last five health inspections dating back to 2015. Weld County director of environmental health services Debra Adamson told Food Safety news that during the restaurant’s last evaluation, inspectors found a dead mouse on a sticky trap behind a reach-in cooler, food held at improper temperatures, and employees failing to wash their hands. Workers were also reportedly drinking beverages next to unprepared food.

Before both eateries are able to open again, Burrito Delight is required to retrain or hire new safe food handlers, the kitchens must be disinfected, and food inventory must be replaced; all other conditions must be in compliance with health code laws when re-inspected.

Foodborne illness isn’t something to be taken lightly. The world still hasn’t forgiven Chipotle for the great E. coli mishap of 2015, making it one of the most monumental times chain restaurants gave people food poisoning.

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