Burger King Grants Dying Woman’s Whopper Wish

A Burger King employee penned an encouraging note on a cancer pateint's order

A grateful Michigan family is looking to thank a Burger King employee who cooked the meal of a lifetime for a terminally ill woman who loved Whoppers.

In October, Jacki Traxler of Grandville, Mich. learned that her mother Brenda would have just three months to live after suffering from lung cancer for almost two years.

Traxler told FOX 17 that at the time, her mother was sleeping well, had trouble getting around, and was barely eating. But one night, as her daughter recalls, Brenda Traxler mustered up the strength to request what would be become one of her last meals-- a double meat Whopper from Burger King.

"That was the last thing she wanted," Traxler recalled. "She loved Whoppers."

The elder Traxler, who was described as a hard-working woman and a “fantastic grandmother” of four, developed a love for the Burger King classic many years ago.

"Ever since she was pregnant with me and my sister Jodi, she made my dad go out in a snow storm and get double meat Whoppers when she was pregnant,” said Traxler’s daughter.

One night last October, as her mother grew increasingly weak, Traxler says she called three area Burger Kings at four in the morning to try to secure a sandwich for her mom. They all initially said no but a determined daughter tried one more West Michigan location.

She explained her mother’s terminal situation and the crew of the BK Lounge agreed. The shop is usually closed between the hours of 1 a.m. and 6 a.m.

Not only did the crew prepare a double meat Whopper in the wee hours of the morning, but they included a note that read, "You go girl. Wooo!! Get well soon."

"I don’t know who did it to this day," said Traxler. "I thank God for her because that was the best thing anybody could have ever did."

With the help of the local FOX station, it took Traxler several months to track down the worker who made her mother smile during the final hours of her illness.

Olivia Martinez, the manager at the Burger King that was able to make the early-morning Whopper, says she clearly remembers the call even though it happened almost half a year ago.

"I didn’t think making a Whopper for someone would actually go that far and make them feel that special," Martinez told FOX 17.

Brenda Traxler passed away just two days after enjoying her final Whopper. She told her daughter it was the best one she had ever eaten.

"She passed away with what she loved and that was a double meat Whopper, she loved that," Jacki said. "It was the most amazing thing in the world."


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This article was originally published on April 27, 2016