Cozy Up With Tava Kitchen’s Cardamom Chai Recipe This Holiday Season

Sip and stay warm with this at-home version of the San Francisco restaurant’s popular beverage

Taste the South Asian cuisine at Tava Kitchen.

With the holidays quickly approaching faster than you can say “Christmas,” the South Asian fusion restaurant Tava Kitchen has just the perfect holiday drink for you. Hot chai and iced bottled chai are both served year-round at Tava Kitchen.

Introducing its Cardamom Chai. Chai is perfect this time of year, with its spicy yet sweet flavor thanks to cinnamon, cardamom, cloves, and even the unexpected sprig of fennel. It’s basically Christmas in a cup!

Whether you’re wrapping (or unwrapping) gifts, getting people together by the fireplace, or just simply cozying with your favorite book, Tava Kitchen has just the quick and simple chai recipe.


And if you’re eager to experience Southeast Asian cuisine? Forget about booking a super pricey trip to India or Malaysia. Instead, plan your trip to one of Tava Kitchen’s Bay Area locations in San Francisco, Palo Alto, or Alameda to spoil your taste buds. You can thank founder Hasnain Zaidi and CEO Jeremy Morgan for the birth of Tava Kitchen and learn more about this emerging fast-casual brand in the Bay Area if you see them around.