Bring This Dish Home

Two New York restaurants are expanding their brands with tabletop lines

Find the beautiful Italian dishes from Il Buco for sale at ABC Carpet and Home.

Ever eat a delicious meal at a restaurant, look down at your empty plate, and think, “I’d love to have this dish at home?” Probably, but while most people are likely thinking of the perfectly prepared food, there’s a small contingent who are thinking more literally.

Or at least a few restaurants hope so.

The downtown mini empire of il Buco is expanding its tabletop line through a partnership with home goods store abcmkt, as well as its new online marketplace. The cozy Bond Street store expanded in 2013 from the original il Buco next door and the three-star il Buco Alimentari, which still sells cured meats and gelatos around the corner. Since then, il Buco Vita has been selling hand-chosen tabletop goods from Italy’s Umbria region. Discover individually crafted terra cotta plates and hand-carved mortars and pestles, as well as soft goods like Tuscan-made aprons.

Whereas the il Buco line comes from halfway around the world, Blue Hill looked a little closer to its upstate New York home. The market of handcrafted goods and partner to the renowned Blue Hills at Stone Barns restaurant sought out Virginia-based blacksmiths to forge a new line of carbon steel pans.


Although it may be difficult to recreate the meals we’ve eaten, there’s still a little of the ambiance that we can bring home. No doggy bag necessary.